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Features of SPR vertical slurry pump:
1) High Efficiency Non-block up

The uniquely designed single, double-gate impeller, opening model, double leaf model impeller is high effective without block-up, the pump casing etc. flow- through parts designed for completing with the impeller can be selected with their materials and models upon the transported media and can be made sure of the excellent hydraulic performance and working life in the transportation of the media containing suspended grains and long fibers, corrosive and abrasive.

2) Stable; Durable without vibration

Vertical slurry pump is vertically structured, the drive unit(motor stand, clutch, drive shaft, connecting stand, bearing)is modular designed and can be superposed at will along with the variation of the under-water depth. Both pump casing and impeller can be placed under liquid by 0.5-10m and the motor above the liquid surface, then, via connection with the drive unit, direct ly drives the non block impeller to stably run without vibration.

3) Easy use; Long durability

The impeller is submerged in water and easy to start. An automatic liquid-level control cabinet can be fitted with if so required by users so as to get the liquid-level to co-ntrol the pumps starting and stopping, without need of a special person to look after.

Solid maintenance-free design, good rigidity of the pump shaft and fully-closed roller bearing of a famous brand. The pre-injected high-temperature withstanding lubricating grease

*SPR Rubber Lined Vertical Slurry Pumps Back Liner data:


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Rubber material

Product weight(KG)

















SPR Slurry Pump Rubber Back Liner2

Setting depths from 0.9m to 2.4m
Concentric casing minimises shaft load over wide operating ranges and reduces wear
Simple installation
Cantilever design so there are no submerged bearings or shaft seals
Cast bearing housings result in increased critical speeds and lower vibration levels than legacy equipment
Can run dry (snore) continuously
Large impeller passages means a reduced risk of blockage
Top and bottom inlets are suitable for snore conditions, with no need for priming and self venting
Available in a pre-fabricated conical sump with quick clean facilities
Replaceable strainers allows for easy maintenance
Ease of maintenance

SPR Vertical Slurry Pumps Structure chart

SPR Slurry Pump Rubber Back Liner2

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