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Impeller is a rotor, rotating component of a centrifugal pump. Front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are completely interchangeable. Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts. High efficiency and high head designs are also available. It increase or decrease the pressure and flow of fluid.When the slurry pump processing the solid mixture, the most worn parts are impellers. Impeller is the most important part of a pump. It is heart of a Slury Pump. Materials are A05,A33, Natural Rubber, Polyurethane…etc, to meet different working duty.

Slurry Pump Impeller Wear Parts Slurry Pump Impeller Wear Parts

There are main three type of slurry pump impeller, Open, Semi-open and Closed. We have types of vane impellers, such as two vane impeller, three vane impeller, four vane impeller, five vane impeller and six vane impeller. Regarding the material: YAAO can offer high chrome alloy impeller, rubber impeller, polyurethane impeller and ceramic impeller.

YAAO Pump stocks a range of slurry pump parts which have been developed for abrasive applications in mines, quarries, sand and gravel etc, and are used widely across the globe in mineral processing and all other solid mixture applications.

All YAAO Pump aftermarket slurry pump parts save you money and energy of your slurry pump parts requirement. We can offer superior pump components that last longer, thus requiring less maintenance and change-outs as well as optional designs that allow you to maximize your budget in your original equipments maintenance.

Our horizontal slurry pump parts and vertical sump pump spare parts are dimensionally interchangeable with warman slurry pump parts and other brand slurry pumps. And more, we accept pump parts OEM and ODM business, especially abrasion and corrosion pump parts. We have our own foundry and compound specialist to increase the wet parts wear life time, and they have been tested by end users plant of the most abrasive and most corrosive arduously applications. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss your applications in more detail. Our experienced technical engineers are always ready to give advice and make suggestions to improve future wear life of your slurry pumps. We are capable enough to help you work out a perfect casting material ingredient for your special slurries.

Main Applications: Heavy Mining | Mineral Processing | Sand and Gravel |Coal Prep | Cyclone Feeds | Aggregate Processing | Fine Primary Mill Grinding | Chemical Slurry Service | Tailings | Secondary Grinding | Industrial Processing | Pulp And Paper | Food Processing | Cracking Operations | Ash Handling | Pipeline Transport | High Velocity Hydraulic Transport |Food Processing | Explosive Sludge In Metal Smelting | River And Pond Dredging | Heavy Refuse Removal | Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA Applications | Continuous (Snore) Sump Pump Operation | Abrasive Slurries | High Density Slurries | Large Particle Slurries | Sump Drainage | Wash down | Floor Drainage | Mixing | Iron Ore | Cooper | Diamond | Alumina | Coal | Gold | Kaolin | Phosphorite | Steel | Palm | Suger | Chemical | Power | FGD | Frac Sand Blending | Construction | City Sewage | etc.

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